5 Reason Why You Need to Make a Mobile Friendly Website.

If you have been ignoring optimizing your website for mobile, then it’s very difficult to make potential traffic and visibility because the research shows that 56 percent of the mobile users will skip your website if it’s taken more than 3 seconds to load.

If you still about to create a website, then you need to build a mobile-friendly website for achieving sales and visibility.

We know how important a website for a small and large business so it is crucial to make a mobile-optimized website for getting positive feedbacks and customer satisfaction.


Here I have listed 5 reasons why you should optimize your website for mobile:


  • Everyone uses mobile

Mobile devices are handpicked and can be used almost everywhere.

You can take this advantage in your business by making your website more accessible for mobile.

According to the official Google statement, more than 60 percent of queries across the world come from the mobile.

Moreover, due to the popularization of mobile technologies and increasing affordability and now all web developers making mobile friendly as compared to desktop because monthly time spends on smartphone apps and Goole in a globe more than 85% of their time.

So if you have a mobile-optimized website, users can easily reach at us you anytime, anywhere using their mobile device.

Now the world has shifted from desktop to mobile and designers even more focused on UX and it offers your customers to get a thing done, done faster.

This is unsurprising that everyday mobile activity such as social media, e-commerce, and other internet aspects gain more traffic from mobile devices.


  • Mobile browsing has become more common:

People now expect connectivity wherever they are and on whatever device they choose.

Now it’s time for a business to catch up and understand the customer connectivity.

On the desktop users always nearly surf the web browser.

Though, 86% of the online smartphone time in apps and rest is spent in web browsers.

One important aspect of any mobile is touch keypad.

The vast majority why people prefer more mobile for browsing as compared to desktop (some desktop do as well) like there is no concept of hovering, tapping the big URL with fingers is a different story and the highest tech mobile allow users to perform the gesture using one or more fingers and the smaller display means users can see more content at once.

Though the users will need to zoom, but the small display also forces more information on a page only requiring users to scroll.


  • Increased conversation

Did you know that 80% of the users admit that purchasing products and services from a mobile-friendly website is quite easier and flexible, its take only 3 seconds to load a website and effective call to action.

Content that looks great on the desktop can be more accessible on smartphones just because of mobile optimization.

So by providing mobile visitors with a suitable and instinctual customer experience you will easily captivate visitors forever and drive more of them to purchase or surfing about your business.

There are 6 million people on the earth, whereas 4 million are using smartphones, in the US alone, 82% of users are using people for queries and purchasing.

While 25% of American uses mobile to access the internet. Are you getting my point?

The mobile technologies are changing, so if you want to stand out your business in a crowd then you have to change the way of your business that represents on the internet so that you can easily gain gaining popularity, visibility, and traffic


  • Mobile gets potential traffic: 

According to web’s state of mobile US 2015 said that 56% of consumer traffic to a website is now from smartphones.

Well, researchers also published that mobile dove more engagement, more time and more visit as well.

The average mobile bounce rate is 56% that is 9% higher than a desktop bounce rate.

The best thing about making a mobile-optimized website is mobile chat notification that lets you to reach customers and offer help if the customer stuck on the checkout page.

So it’s important for any business to make a mobile-friendly website because the more you make a professional website the more advantage you gain.

Competition within digital marketing is massive, so get targeted audience is very tough, so it’s important to stand out on the web.

One of the most common reasons a website gets success is that they choose better optimized, more user-friendly which users can easily access.

The point is, in order to catch potential traffic you need to switch traditional strategies and work on the latest themes.


  • Google favors mobile, responsive:

Google fully rolled out the mobile algorithm, the new Google mobile algorithm support for mobile-friendly websites in the mobile search answers. With Google latest algorithm update, nonmobile friendly web pages get a loss of 46.6%, while mobile-friendly web pages have only suffered the loss of 25.4 %.

If you are serious about improving your traffic, then you need to optimize your website for mobile.

On 21 April 2015 Google released “Get Your Business online” project is all about helping small business who needs online support in order to establish their presence on the internet.

Google my business is the great opportunities for all small business entrepreneurs who want to gain popularity and traffic.

It gives you best advice according to your product and services and what things you need to change in your business.

Google report that “Business with slow mobile sites may see a decrease in traffic and also decrease the ranking on the Google” because speed is the major factor of SEO ranking.

Last year a mobile account is 50.2% and in 2018  52.2%  of all website traffic worldwide generated through mobile phones. With its algorithm change, Google is practicing to rising this trend.

Due to the strong growth of smartphone markets in recent years, this is no surprise.

No matter what sort of business you have, you will get a great response from the mobile users.



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