Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Advertisements and marketing, these words go and in hand and have taken deep roots in our lives.

Every time we pass a highway with bigger banners or a wall beside our homes covered with small pamphlets, we are all surrounded by the world of marketing.

But, this world of marketing has evolved with time, initially being traditional and now being digital.


The traditional marketing technique being still in use in today’s era like the print ads on newspapers and magazines .

The flyers that are out in mailboxes, commercials both on TV and radio and billboards.

But in today’s times, digital marketing is more prominent and is more in use than traditional marketing ways.

Today we advertise on a large scale the is either by building websites or advertising the brand name on different social media such as  Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, etc.

Even being old, Traditional marketing has got its own set of benefits.

The very first one is that you can easily reach the targeted audience.

Like a radio ad in a location or region can do its best in this case.

One more advantage of traditional marketing is that the audience can hold a hard copy of advertised materials.

The best part is it will be easily understood by most people because they are easy to understand as the audience will be already exposed to these kinds of advertising techniques before.

Even neuroscience seems to support the benefits of hard copy marketing.

But on the downside, there is very little interaction between the medium used and the customers.

It is more of like making people getting to know about the brand that has newly come into existence in the market with the hope of these people patronizing the brand.

Also, print and radio ads are quite expensive and unaffordable also for many people and need a high amount of capital.

And the major drawback is that the results of the strategy cannot be measured.



Having a sight at the benefits of Digital Marketing one can witness that not only the local audience but also people from different corners of the world can be targeted. Also, the audience can themselves choose their ways of receiving the content.

If one likes to read blogs the other might liking going through YouTube videos to view the same.

Whereas traditional marketing doesn’t provide these kinds of choices to the audience. One of the major advantages in this is that the audience interaction.

With the use of social media, the interaction of the audience has gone to a much higher level, which was never a segment of traditional marketing. Through this we can actually encourage the audience to visit the website and have a look, read about the products and services, rate them, buy them and can also add their feedback to it for a more upgraded level of services.

Most importantly it is cost-efficient.

One has to invest a little or even may be no capital sometimes to advertise itself in this way as social media has got so much power and has made things so very easy! Unlike traditional marketing where results of the strategy were immeasurable, here, in this case, the data and the results are easily are easily recorded and can even be analyzed so as to improve the results.

Like for example with the help Google Analytics and the insight tools offered by most of the social media these days one can check on his/her campaign at any times.

One doesn’t have to wait for weeks for a boost to his business.

like in the traditional one has to wait  for a fax or something, here one can check


the number of visitors to your site and also its subscribers and much more at the touch of a button.

Also, a well-maintained website with quality content can provide a significant value and lead generation opportunities.

But again on the downside using digital media marketing strategies is that it can take some time to realize measurable success.


Now the question arises that which kind of marketing is better?

Well, it is recommended that one uses both of them as both have their own kind of impacts in the world of marketing.

While in traditional marketing we use physical material which is more “real” to the brain, therefore, better connected to memory.

Also, it involves more emotional processing which is much important for brand associations.

Traditional marketing leads to more internalization of ads.

But, on the other side, we people of today’s are kind of more passionate about digital marketing because we know it works.

Therefore a combination of both of these will give better results.

In fact the traditional marketing methods support our digital marketing efforts, adding more value to it.

The two marketing ways operate mutually.

There is absolutely no exclusion in the way they operate.

If both could be made to come to use then it would give away better results.


The time has come where digital marketing is all set to grab the market as people are more into their phones than other things.

When you look forward to promoting your business, digital marketing will work better than the traditional way of marketing and that is why people are choosing to go with this option for their business.

While we compare the cost we have to pay for each of these marketing, the amount would be less in the digital medium and this is one of the facts this method is becoming everyone’s favorite.

In case, you have a fixed budget for promoting your business in that case, digital marketing will help you out, but traditional marketing may not work on that scenario.

A digital platform is spreading due to the use of social media and is giving rise to this form of marketing.

If, ever you are confused about which one to choose to go with the digital one and you will surely get the desired result you are looking for your business.

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